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What Do We Offer

Reducing the damage

Reducing the damage caused by driving accidents to the vehicles and their passengers

Enhanced road safety

Enhanced road safety in accident hotspots

Reducing executive costs

Reducing executive costs compared to the costs needed for maintenance, displacement and installation of huge panels, for existing concrete panels, and the steel used in guardrails

Feasibility of replacing panels

Feasibility of replacing panels in any point that impact has taken place, within a very short time, and reducing repair and maintenance costs


Our Product: Modern Road barriers

With the short coming of the traditional road barriers in mind, the FlexRoadShield team created a new patented type of road barrier that tries to resolve those issues and improve road, passenger and assets safety.

To increase vehicle and passenger safety in case of hitting side protection barriers, the FlexRoadShield barriers control the impact acceleration and dissipates the energy in 3 ways:

  • Breaking
  • Displacements and
  • Tension mechanism

The FlexRoadShield panels are employed in fibered pieces, which break after being hit by a vehicle. then the horizontal protection beams will surround the automobile in an integrated belt-like form, and will move along the impact direction. In the cased that the severity of accident happens to be more than the displacement could dissipate, tension cables mechanism comes into action and prevents the vehicle from deviating from the route, and the vehicle will be redirected to the main road.

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why choose us

This Next Generation Of Guardrails

Reduce Casualty Damage


Avoiding Injuries and Death


Economical Production and Installation


Reducing Repair Time Due to Modularity


Our Services

FlexRoadShield barriers are manufactured and installed based on projects. Therefore, each time the barriers are fabricated to comply with specific client requirements. In addition to the design of manufacturing of FlexRoadShields, we provide the below mentioned services to our clients:

  • Installation: all FlexRoadShield projects consist of an installation commitment.
  • Training: We are willing to provide training to our clients teams both on the general safety issues (if required) and on maintenance and minor repairs of the FlexRoadShields.
  • Spare parts and after sales services: we are always happy to help our clients with all the support they may need. In addition if required we can assist them in further preventive maintenances and repairs.