Training, Training, Training!

FlexRoadShield is a new concept. Normally many of the temporary people who work on our sites are not familiar with the idea. Very rarely when we work in the same area, we are able to employ people who have previously worked with us. In addition, we highly believe in the importance of our human resources and their abilities. Therefore, at the start of each project and during its progress we have several theoretical and practical training sessions for the new team members.

These trainings include theoretical sessions on construction fundamentals like concrete, practical sessions on molding and assembly of FlexRoadShield parts and also HSE and safety procedures of FlexRoadShield Inc and the client site.

We do our best to keep these sessions short, brief and as informal as possible but at the same time usable and effective.

We appreciate the fact that our human capital and the quality of our work are part of our core competencies and tend to keep the high standards.

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