Sharing Innovations with Potential Clients

FlexRoadShield is a very recent innovation based on the ideas of our team members. Turning an innovation into a business has been a challenging effort for us. In this past four years we have been trying to transform FlexRoadShield from a brilliant idea into a marketable product.
When negotiating to sell guardrails we have a harder task in comparison with our competitors as their product has been in the market for many years. Many times we´ve used up to half the meeting explaining the innovation and going trough details of our product and then started the negotiations. However, our team do their best to engage in as much detailed discussion as the client thinks necessary in order to promote the FlexRoadShield idea and due to this knowledge sharing we have been successful in drawing attention of customers to FlexRoadShield.

In this picture, prepared parts are unloaded from the trucks on the project site.

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