FlexRoadShield Project Time Management

FlexRoadShields are produced and installed based on contracts with our customers. Each and every FlexRoadShield project has its own unique specifications and therefor has its own unique timing.

However, one of the common features in our projects is detail project management. From the time we start negotiations with the potential customer we need to prepare a time and cost plan for the project and we need to assure them of a certain level of quality. As we proceed, these plans get more and more detailed and at the time of project kickoff, we must have a baseline time and resource plan. Nearly always we need to be able to work on a very tight schedule.

During project execution, every activity is monitored by a team consisting of FlexRoadShield and customer representatives. Some FlexRoeadShield project are a part of a bigger project that the customer is working on, and hence their timeliness is more crucial to the customer.

To be able to perform our obligations regarding time, and due to the difference in tools and machinery needed to make steel and concrete parts, we manufacture some parts off the site and then transfer them to the site when installation time approaches.

In this picture, prepared parts are ready to be loaded and moved to the project site.

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