Aiming to Reduce Consequences

There are always accidents that make us wish there was more safety on the roads.

As an example, we recently heard of a car crash in highway 407 that lead to the injury of people and damages to their car and to highway assets. With a bit more research we found so many stories about disastrous accident in same highway and other car crashes in roads nearby.

These types of accident not only lead to loss of lives and injuries (sometimes permanent), but has damages to the assets that cost a great deal. Both on personal and public levels, the expenditures that are made to repair or replace the assets, can be spent elsewhere, for better purposes. And it is important to try to prevent these costs as much as possible.

The FlexRoadShield design is not only resistant to crashes, but helps redirect the vehicle back to the road after the crash. Therefore, reduces the injuries, damages to the road barriers and vehicles at the same time. In addition, the FlexRoadShield fabrication and installation is less expensive that many other similar road barriers.

Pictures relating to the following accidents:




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