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Modern Roadway Safety Panels

Reducing Accidents by low-cost engineering measures in accident hotspots is an important factor in road safety schemes and procedures. The extravagant costs of crashes on highways, main roads and side roads, has turned road safety improvement to the motto of fundamental goals in transportation.

To increase vehicle and passenger safety in case of hitting side protection barriers, in this project the protection panel controls the impact acceleration in 3 steps. In addition to decreased damage compared to the damage caused by hitting guardrails and the existing New Jersey panels, after the impact it's possible to redirect the vehicle to the main road.

This type of protection panel dissipates the applied energy in 3 steps: by breaking, displacement and tension mechanism.

These panels are employed in fibered pieces, which break after being hit by a vehicle, then horizontal protection beams will surround the automobile in an integrated belt-like form, and will move along the impact direction.

If the severity of the blow shows to be more than the displacement could dissipate, tension cables mechanism comes into play and prevents the vehicle from deviating from the main course, so the vehicle will be redirected to the main road.

From all the advantages of this design, these 7 remarkable changes could be mentioned:

● Increasing impact resistance

● Reducing the damage caused by driving accidents to the vehicles and their passengers

● Enhanced road safety in accident hotspots

● Reducing executive costs compared to the costs needed for maintenance, displacement and installation of huge panels, for existing concrete panels, and the steel used in guardrails

● Feasibility of replacing panels in any point that impact has taken place, within a very short time, and reducing repair and maintenance costs

● Despite all the advantages of similar panels, all of their disadvantages are covered in this design

● Lower construction and installation costs compared to the existing samples.

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From all the advantages of this design, these 7 remarkable changes could be mentioned:

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