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Modern Road Barriers

Reducing Accidents by cost effective engineering measures in accident hotspots is an important factor in road safety schemes and procedures. The extravagant costs of crashes on highways, main roads and side roads, has turned road safety improvement into one of the main concerns in transportation.

The traditional road guardrails and panels have many shortcomings in protecting both human lives and safeguarding assets. With a goal of increasing road safety, we have designed a new type of road barrier that controls the impact acceleration in 3 consequent steps. In addition to decreased damage compared to the damage caused by hitting the ordinary guardrails and road panels, it is possible to redirect the vehicle to the main road after it hits FlexRoadShield panels.

Who are we

FlexRoadShild Inc. is a company incorporated in 2020 in Ontario, Canada based on a new design for guardrails. Our Product is the result of innovation and research and development. The idea was conceived based on our observations and life experiences regarding car crashes and road accidents. With our backgrounds in civil, mechanical and industrial engineering and experiences in construction and industrial environments we transformed the idea into a patented product that can help makes road and transportation safer.

Our mission

  • We make the world a safer place

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Our Directors


Ahmad Karimi

Director of Sales and Marketing

Elham Rategh

Director of Engineering

Pantea Hafezolkotob

Director of Business Development